Every time I went to update my blog in the last couple of weeks, the site was down. Upon investigation, it turned out that the site wasn’t actually down — my IP address had been blocked. So, when I was home, it appeared to be down — when I was traveling, it didn’t. I had observed that the site appeared to be unstable — but I was traveling a lot — and didn’t correlate the apparent “outages” with being home. Last couple of weeks, I wasn’t traveling — so the site was “down” all the time.

It’s fixed now.


New Laptop

The new laptop arrived today — a Dell with a 17″ monitor.

I was configuring the pre-installed operating system when Glyph showed up. Naturally, he encouraged me to install Linux. Naturally, the Linux he encouraged me to install was Ubuntu.

I protested. It would be too risky, too complicated. The hardware wouldn’t be properly supported.

So, we compromised. I’d try the LiveCD.

Which I did. X11 failed to start. My video card wasn’t supported. Oh, well. Nice try.

Naturally, the Glyph is not one to be dissuaded so easily. Heh, he opined. Upgrading the display drivers in Ubuntu is trivial. Nothing to it. Plus, it recognized the wireless device. That was the hard part.

I protested. It would be too risky, too complicated. I’d have to repartition and re-install that pre-installed operating system.

Glyph’s argument consisted of two words (or one, if you think he might have been using a trademark). Partition. Magic.

So, half an hour later, I was rebooting into the Ubuntu install CD.

Damned if the thing didn’t auto-detect my display device, and configure it in glorious 1920×1200 resolution. With stereo sound. Everything worked.

Everything. Just. Worked.

Colour me impressed.

Well, almost everything. There are a few little things. The touch-pad tapping feature drives me crazy. Under the pre-installed operating system I could configure it off. But apparently, in order to do so under Ubuntu, I have to figure out how to apply a kernel patch and rebuild the kernel. Developing the appropriate muscle memory and finger co-ordination may be easier. Or maybe I’ll just use the trackball like I do for the PowerBook.

And then there is the matter of configuring it so that when I close the lid, it hibernates. That’s tomorrow’s project.

Oh, by the way. Did I mention that this isn’t a personal laptop? It’s a corporate laptop.